I tested the 1 ounce Elite Tungsten Weights and was very amazed at how well it performed.  After several fish catches, while punching through matted grass, the paint on the weight was not chipped.  The smoothness of the weight greatly helped the bait slide through the grass with a quiet presentation.  I was very satisfied with Elite Tungsten Weights and will be using them from now on.

Randy Deaver Caddo Pro Bass Guide Service


This is Elite Staffer Toby Lillard and SPC Kristopher Boswell Wounded Warrior partner. They are fishing Kentucky Lake. Let it be known the Elite Family sends out our gratitude and thanks to all members of the military!


Elite Tungsten Fishing WeightsElite Tungsten Company, specializes in providing the best in the tungsten fishing weights industry. We sell professional-grade tungsten fishing weights .With 4 years experience in the tungsten weight industry in a research and development capacity and a background of 40 plus years combined in competitive fishing, we offer amateur and pro fishermen the finest in fishing weights. Made of 97% tungsten, our lead-free tungsten fishing weights are twice as loud as lead, but 40% smaller. The hole is a diamond-bored hole for extreme smoothness. Therefore needing no insert. The angler is then able to use extremely light line. Whether you choose to use monofilament, flourocarbon or braid, you can rest assured that your line will never fray with our weights. This is especially important when there is tournament money on the line. The durable, sealed paint finish has been tried and tested and is made to last . These weights will accomodate any pegging system on the market.